QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W Projector Mount Kit Accessory Single Joist Ceiling Adapter, 3" 1.5", White
QualGear PRO-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W projector mounting kit includes a professional grade QG-PRO-PM-50-W projector mount, QG-PRO-PM-CA-W single joist ceiling adapter, and a QG-PRO-PM-3IN-W 3 inch 1.5-inch NPT threaded pipe in white. Easy installation with color installation manual and presorted hardware. This projector mounting kit is suitable for mounting to single wood joist, wood beam, wood stud, and concrete ceiling surfaces. For details about each component of this mounting kit, please look up their model number. Depending on your projector, adjust the extension brackets on the projector mount accordingly by using Allen Key. If your projector model has three mounting holes only, please remove the fourth extension bracket using Allen Key

QualGear QG-PRO-PM-6IN-W Pro-AV 1.5" Npt Threaded Pipe, 6" Length Projector Accessory
QualGear QG-PRO-PM-6IN-W 1. 5-Inch npt threaded Pipe, 6" length, White - this fixed length extension column is compatible with all mounts and ceiling adapters that uses the standard 1. 5 inch npt interface. Connectors (sold separately) maybe be used to add drop lengths by connecting two or more columns.