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Powered by STITCH, this Wireless Smart Water Leak and Flood Sensor provides simple 24/7 remote monitoring of your home or office directly from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Setup is as easy as 1-2-3. The sensor communicates with your phone through your local wireless network, so you won't need any separate mesh network, hubs, or controllers. Mount or place the sensor near sinks, bathtubs, water heaters, pipes, or anywhere where a leak may be present to alert you whenever a leak is detected.

The detachable probe provides extension to hard to reach areas. Receive notification directly to your mobile devices whenever there's a leak providing you peace of mind anywhere and anytime. The free STITCH app provides an all-in-one experience, connecting all devices for a smarter connected home, saving you money, energy, and time without the hassle of navigating through countless applications.

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24/7 Remote Monitoring

Tap into your mobile device to monitor for the presence of a a water leak or flood. You can also check the battery life of the sensor from anywhere and at anytime. Conveniently review your logs and detection history in case you missed an alert.

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Instant Notifications

Be the first to know. Receive instant push notifications and send alerts directly to your mobile devices whenever a water leak or flood is detected.

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Extended Probe

The detachable extended probe with bracket allows an extension to hard-to-reach areas, up to 3.8 feet. The sensor is perfect for under the sink, around tubs, near water heaters, pipes, and washing machines.

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Easy Setup and STITCH Installation

Download the free Android or iOS STITCH app, add the device, pair with your home wireless network, and you're done! No hub or gateway is required! Enable scene control and include multiple devices to a preprogrammed group, allowing you to automate devices and simplifying your daily routines based on your needs with just a simple command.

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Place the sensor under sinks, near bathtubs, water heaters, pipes, filters, and anywhere a leak may be present.

The Simplified Smart Home

The easy-to-use app makes scheduling common functions a breeze, saving you time, energy, and money.