Product Features:
1. WIFI + hotspot multiple networking methods, fast networking is simple and convenient, unlimited anytime and anywhere
2. Support for translation between 106 languages, multi-national accent translation can be understood, so that the translation can be accurate and easy to travel in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. 3. The translation response speed is faster, and the translation semantic accuracy rate is higher.
4. 2.8-inch high-definition touch screen, multi-touch visual operation, real-time display, audio and text synchronization, clear at a glance. Concise UI interface design, more user-friendly interaction, and stronger user experience.
5. Special BOX cavity speaker, the loudspeaker effect is more fidelity, clearer and more accurate, and there is a dual microphone noise reduction array to ensure more accurate voice input and recognition, and the long-distance pickup distance is 2 meters.
6, 2100mah high-performance lithium battery, larger capacity, less trouble, protects the motherboard to be safe and reliable, 360 hours of long standby, 12 hours of continuous use, more fun and peace of mind when going out
7. Aluminum alloy integrated molding technology and fine processing technology, comfortable to hold, sturdy and durable, and more high-end atmosphere.
8. Ergonomic design, compact and portable, one-handed operation without pressure, can be put in a pocket;
9. Targeted in-depth optimization of multiple language application scenarios such as transportation, travel, shopping, learning and communication; timely updates and translations of current new words are more suitable for use scenarios.
10. Support fota network upgrade and update, continuous iteration of product functions and interactive interfaces, convenient, fast and efficient.
11. Zero threshold operation, easy for the elderly and children to use. The body has only three buttons, and the interface icons are refreshing and concise, a