Compatible with:
Yaesu VX, FT series amateur portable radio
Vertex Standard VX, VXA series portable radio
Icom IC series amateur portable radio
Kenwood TH series amateurr portable radio
All other radios fit the SMA-M type antenna

Product Name:SMA Female to BNC Male Connector
Model:SMAK to BNCJ
Total Length:11.8 inch / 300mm
Material:Pure Copper,Gold Plated,Nickle Plated
Impedance:50 ohm
BNC Outer Diameter:0.53 inch / 13.5 mm
SMA Thread Diameter:1/4-36UNS-2A
Net Weight:15g

Package Content
1pcs  x SMA Female to BNC Male Connector with 11.8 inch RG316 Cable