What is this?
This is a retro mobile phone receiver that allows you to be more comfortable when answering calls. More suitable for people who communicate on the phone for a long time

What will I get?
The Telephone Handset provides here,
Round Socket Size :3.5mm
Handset Size:21*5*6cm/8.27*1.97*2.36“L*W*H)
Cable length :1M/3.28FT
In the package of: 2 Pack x Telephone Handset

Is there any advantages of the product?
This phone handset has an answer button and a volume button, you can adjust it according to your needs, with a 1-meter extension cable, you can easily answer calls

How to use it?
Steps of intallation:1. When there is an call on the mobile phone, use the Telephone Handset plug to point the hand socket;2. Press the answer key

What should I notice?
Only works with 3-channel 3.5mm audio socket,before purchasing, please confirm the size of plug