An All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler with industry-leading solution by Asetek, XPG LEVANTE 360 offers excellent CPU heat control: designed with a 360mm-Radiator, 4-Pin PWM Control Mode and fine-tuned with dazzling ARGB Fans and lighting effects at the water pump, manageable by an included external ARGB Controller.

  • Reliable high performance CPU Liquid Cooler with Asetek's Cooling Solution
  • External ARGB Controller for the fans and the water pump
  • 3 Vibrant Dual-Ring 120mm ARGB Fans, with Fluid Dynamic Bearing and 4-Pin PWM design
  • Thermal-optimized copper plate with 0.15mm-thin micro channel
  • Large surface 360mm all aluminum radiator
  • All-in-One hassle-free installation, no additional setup required
Asetek's All-in-One Water Cooling Solution
  • XPG LEVANTE 360 Addressable RGB CPU Liquid Cooler offers superb cooling capability in stabilizing CPU temperature and maintaining CPU proper functioning. 
  • ARGB lighting effects create additional gaming atmosphere.
Patented Water Pump Design
  • XPG LEVANTE 360 Addressable RGB CPU Liquid Cooler utilizes Asetek's latest cooling solution to ensure CPU temperature management is at the highest efficiency performance.
  • Its thermal-optimized copper plate with 0.15mm-thin micro channel provide large cooling area and boosting heat exchange efficiency.
ARGB Fans with Efficient PWM Cooling Solution

XPG LEVANTE 360's three Vibrant Dual Ring 120mm ARGB fans have 20 LEDs each.

  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fans with PWM(*) are designed with auto-restart mechanism (up to 40,000 hours at 40?C of MTBF).

    (*)PWM, or Pulse Width Modulation, allows fans and water pumps to adjust cooling speed and airflow based on the component's temperature. Sync with motherboards that support PWM header and appropriate software to enable this function.
ARGB Controller
  • XPG LEVANTE 360's external ARGB Controller allows users to switch Mode, Speed and Light functions of both the ARGB Fans and the Water Pump.
Water Pump Specifications
Water Block Dimension (H*W*D) 86 x 72 x 36mm
Water Block Material Copper
Control Mode PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
CPU Socket Support Intel: LGA 115x, 1200, 1366, 1700, 2011, 2066 / AMD: AM4
Thermal Grease Pre-Applied
Radiator Specifications
Radiator Dimension 394 x 120 x 27mm
Radiator Material Aluminum
Tube 400mm Sleeved Rubber Tube
-- --
Fan Specifications
Fan Size 3 Fan Slots (120mm ARGB)
Fan Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Fan Speed 600~2000 RPM ± 10%
Fan Static Pressure 1.42mm-H2O
Fan Air Flow 61.5 CFM
Fan Noise 34.0 dB (A)
Protection Auto-Restart
Weight 1.3kg (2.9lb) ±5%
Q & A

Q: What is the liquid used in the XPG LEVANTE?
A: XPG LEVANTE is filled with low-evaporation coolant rated with a 50,000 hours lifespan. You will never have to worry about refilling the coolant.

Q: How can I adjust the ARGB effect with my motherboard?
A: XPG LEVANTE is designed to synchronize with ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and AsRock Polychrome. If your motherboard has a 5V addressable RGB header, you can control the lighting effect through the respective software. For more details, please refer to the motherboard manufacturer's website.

Q: How can I confirm compatibility with my motherboard?
A: The XPG LEVANTE supports Intel 1366: 115x : 2066: 2011 and AMD AM4 sockets. 


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