As the company's premium line of instrument cable for acoustic guitar, the 12' Monster Cable Prolink Acoustic Instrument Cable incorporates carefully designed construction to offer accurate imaging and rich, natural sound for discerning players and tone aficionados. It boasts custom Monster 1/4 TS connectors (both straight) with 24kt gold contacts, and it features Time Correct multigauge wire networks protected by MicroFiber, PEX, and carbon-infused dielectrics. Additionally, there is 95% copper braided shielding, collet strain relief, and a Duraflex jacket. The result is a top-shelf cable that yields minimal handling noise and magnetic interference while maintaining proper high-frequency performance and harmonics, to improve the tone of your instrument.

Advanced Design
Monster Acoustic pro audio cables' advanced design yields rich, accurate reproduction without frequency and phase distortion. Multigauge Wire
Multiple gauge high- and low-frequency wire networks offer accurate imaging and a tone that's warm, rich, and natural. 95% Copper Braided Shield
A dense shield rejects interference and hum, and heavy-duty 24kt gold connectors increase conductivity and resist corrosion.