Built with the QuietMaster Technology, this air conditioner is guaranteed to deliver powerful cooling action without any disruptive noises. This ENERGY STAR-qualified unit uses an R-32 refrigerant, which does not contain any harmful elements both to humans and the environment. It features a built-in wifi, allowing you to control the unit through your smartphone with the FriedrichGo app. 350 Sq. Ft. Cooling Area Allows you to keep a large-size room cool. QuietMaster Technology Combines heavy-duty insulation, stiffened sheet metal, optimized airflow, and counterweights to dampen vibration. Quiet mode operates at ultra-low fan speed for the quietest cooling available.

Library Quiet Operation As low as 42 dB in cooling mode / 32 dB in fan-only. Soft-Start Technology Eliminates hard stop-and-starts and runs at lower sound levels than other compressor types. Variable Comfort Technology Precision Inverter compressor operates at the precise capacity needed. Turbo Cool boosts cooling operation by up to 41%. Money Saver Mode Runs fan only when cooling to save on bills. Sleep Mode Smart temperature auto adjustment with Turbo Fast Cooling. Auto Air Sweep Moves louvers up and down, extending the air flow for maximum circulation and cooling. Washable Air Filter A washable air filter ensures only the cleanest air enters your space.

Corrosion Resistant Coils Extend the life of the unit, especially in coastal and harsh environments. 3 Cool/Fan Speeds With three cooling and fan speeds, finding the right setting for you is easy. SimpleSill Design Allows the window to be opened and closed after installation. Remote Control Allows you to have complete control over the room's temperature and fan speed from anywhere. efficient Operates up to 35% more efficiently than traditional window air conditioners. Certifications ENERGY STAR Certified and UL Listed.