The NavePoint heavy-duty blank keystone insert keeps things neat for professional-looking installation as well as clean and protected from dust and debris. The blank keystone insert is available in black color and avoids having a gap or hole in the keystone. The panel-filler is made of Thermoplastic and used to fill the unused slots in wall plates or in patch panels to cover the empty holes.

The blank keystone insert is a great way to allow for future upgrades while giving your installation a finished look and comes in a package of 50. The Thermoplastic panel-filler is re-usable and cost-effective. The black keystone insert is compatible with server rooms, racks panels, A/V installations, conference rooms, IT, and premise installations.

NavePoint has offered high-quality keystone insert at value prices with excellent responsive customer service. Our expert technical support and knowledgeable sales team can get you to the right blank keystone insert for the job. Order your black heavy-duty blank keystone insert online today.