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Kingston MobileLite Wireless G1 Black/Gray 1800 mAh MobileLite Wireless MLW221

Item #: 9SIV0VB4EM2766  |  Mfr. Part #: MLW221  |  UNSPSC: 26111710
International Seller

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    Top Favorable Review

    Very good device

    - Build quality is excellent. Good heavy plastic which doesn’t allow LEDs to bleed, supplemented with aluminum to create a sturdy casing for the device. The SD card slots and USB ports are also nice and sturdy. - Aesthetically pleasing. The ... Read more
    — Andrew K. 10/19/2013

    Top Critical Review

    Not so sure

    - Very sloppy on operation After working with it for awhile, I gave up for a few days. 3 Straight hours of Charging and trying to turn it on properly made me cave in for awhile. After coming back to it and REREADING instructions AGAIN I tried ... Read more
    — William A. 11/14/2013

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    • jan p.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    5 out of 5 eggs Does Exactly What it Says It Will

    Pros: Small and lightweight
    Cross Platform
    Complete easy to follow directions
    Everything needed is included (except the app)
    Box doubles as convenient carrying case
    Worked with Samsung 16 GB micro SD card
    Supports SD, SDHC and SDXC cards
    Trusted, long established brand

    Cons: Tactile response from button is poor
    Why name it MobleLite ? Lite nomenclature connotes
    less than full. The naming makes me wonder if there is another more full featured version. This could be doubly confusing when searching for the app
    which is called Kingston MobileLite. Many apps have a lite version. The included microSD adaptor comes in a hard plastic case that is a bugger to open

    Bottom Line: Test Platform: HISENSE Sero 7 Pro

    The Kingston MobleLite (KML) does three things and does them well. It will charge your phone or tablet in a pinch. There is never enough time in battery driven devices so having another source is good, portability makes it better.

    The KML allows me to share my files with others which is not always as easy as it might seem. One friend at work has a tablet with no SD card slot and we are all tired of listening to their music selections. I loaded up over 1 GB of MP3's onto my micro SD card and brought it in. Rather than me downloading the KML app onto their tablet I asked them to go to the play store
    and download it. They had no issues finding and installing the app. I had no problems either. I made sure the KML was fully charged before transferring the files. I work in a medical laboratory where there are dozens of possible interfering analyzers, computers,
    wireless networks. The KML had no problems transferring files and folders. It did it quickly. I don't care much about transfer rate or time needed. Slow is transferring files to or from a floppy. Most everything else is snappy these days. I also had them connect and play the music from the KML, again no issues.

    I did not have the opportunity to setup three simultaneous users on the KML. That would have been a great test but I don't have the kids over after school to listen to 45's anymore. It would have been nice to stress the unit.

    The KML also allows for wireless pass through. When the KML is the access point for wireless for a tablet one can still use the internet. A very necessary feature. I am even able to connect my laptops to the KML and surf through it and it is only slightly slower.

    I believe the KML caches data. I set everything up at home and walked outdoors to check on range. I was playing an MP3 and it kept playing and playing no matter how far from the unit I progressed. I thought AMAZING. When the song ended I reopened the app to find that the KML was no longer in range. This can only
    mean caching. Even so the caching happens so rapidly that it is of no consequence.

    This is a great device. Put your movies, music and pictures in it and let the family, up to 3 members, do their thing. Hopefully with their headphones on :-)

    The KML does what it states it does. Does it easily with no headaches. No reason not to give it 4 full eggs

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    • William A.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    2 out of 5 eggs Not so sure

    Pros: - Mobile

    Its small format makes it perfect for travel

    - Wireless

    That kinda speaks for itself

    - Long Battery

    This also kinda speaks for itself

    - Sturdy

    After dropping the product a few times on different hard surfaces to see how it would take to those forces, it wont be breaking.

    - Lots of compatibility

    Its "generic" drivers leave it perfect for any computer running OSX, Linux, and Windows alike

    - Wireless Range is Good

    I can take it a few rooms away before actually seeing signal drop.

    - Comes with SD Card Adapter

    This speaks for itself also.

    Cons: - Very sloppy on operation

    After working with it for awhile, I gave up for a few days. 3 Straight hours of Charging and trying to turn it on properly made me cave in for awhile. After coming back to it and REREADING instructions AGAIN I tried again. 10 Or so attempts in, I finally got the wireless Working.

    This was kind of pathetic. When plugged into the PC, the card would show up corrupted but when put into another SD Card reader the card was fine.

    The USB Slot didn't work properly for awhile and after trying MANY MANY flash drives, i found one that worked. This was pretty pathetic. The wireless would cut out quite a bit every minute or so.

    Bottom Line: Overall, I was dissapointed. I went over 2 Weeks trying to make this work but in the end I could not get a proper working product. This leaves me to give this review. Hopefully it was just a lemon.

    Manufacturer Responses:

    Hello William, I'm Jewel with Kingston Technical Support and would like to offer our assistance. We are here to help and can troubleshoot with you to determine what may be causing the issues. If the MLW221 itself is the issue, it can be replaced under warranty. Please call us at 1-800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) M - F 6am - 6pm PT and I or another available Technician will assist you. Please be sure to have the part in question on hand when you call. Thank you for selecting Kingston as your upgrade partner.

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    • Lyle G.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    5 out of 5 eggs Useful in its niche

    Pros: The Kingston MobileLite is a good niche product --- what I have found in my testing of it is that it's rugged, easy to use, broadly compatible, and does its job fairly well. Let's talk about it, and why you'd choose it. The most important feature here is the battery function, hands down. It's useful, keeps your smartphone running, or even a standard phone for quite some time. It doubles my effective battery time if I need it to, and that's the situation most mobile users will find themselves in. On a trip, that can be quite important. It also doesn't get hot while discharging, which I will freely admit must be a consequence of the shell that Kingston has placed on this device. What you'll find with respect to that shell is that it's strong, and can probably be tossed into a duffel bag or purse without much concern as to where it lands. It can take the punishment of keys and normal drops.

    Feature two, in terms of import, is the storage device, which works over USB, allowing for a handy SD reader while you're charging the device, as well as a size that will likely make it easier to find a spot on your desk. The Wifi access is a good feature, and works as advertised. You won't set any speed records here, but if you need to back up your phone's content to a bigger SD card, this makes a lot of sense. If you need access to large files on a tablet, it'll do that to. In other words, this gadget is a presentation gold mine! If you're showing people full-sized files, this is a product that can enable you to do so without overloading your phone or tablet. You can actually have multiple users simply connect to it, to share the content.

    Finally, the apps support is pretty good; it has all the standard file system interactivity you might desire, and it all works. The App works fine on older, more obscure Android handsets, as well as the common ones, and the iOS devices app accomplishes what it needs to as well.

    Cons: As to the bad, we have a few fundamental limitations, here. I think that a Wifi equipped Hard Drive makes more sense with respect to value, because you have access to so much more storage. That said, the hard drive has moving parts, so there's still a niche for the Kingston Reader. It's also true that SD is the dominant memory card form factor these days, but support for something else would have been nice. Even native, non-adapter support of Micro SD would come in handy, but is absent.

    Now the Kingston also has the issue of battery-size. While fine for a smartphone, this device really makes the most sense being paired with a tablet, which are notorious for their storage limitations (usually in order to keep prices down). However, tablets will not find much of a battery reservoir here; 1800 mAh is not really enough to help with a high-powered tablet. It's not nothing, and the battery also enables the wifi, which is useful, but as I said, it decreases functionality. 3000 mAh would have made more sense here.

    The app, as I've seen in other apps like it, does not show transfer rates. Hand-timing pegs it in the sub 10MB/s range, which is to be expected because of SD cards and USB 2.0 transfers, but those speeds are seriously stale in 2013. Especially when I am connected via Wifi, I want to move as fast as the card allows, and while most SD cards won't do better than that, there are a few that will. For that, it'd be nice to see the SOC that runs this device have a PCI-Express pathway for their card readers. I'm sure it's more power, but I'd happily use that power to increase speed.

    Bottom Line: Finally, let's talk about the other devices, and where you should use this one. There are four ways of dealing with the problem this device solves: you can use cloud-storage, a Wifi Hard Drive, a Wifi Flash adapter (the Kingston MobileLite), or you can buy a device with more storage to start with. This device has to flourish in an area where none of the others are superior, which is to say that the following must be true: You must need more storage than your device can give you, and it must be more than the price of this device plus an SD card. You must need offline support, or enhanced privacy. You must not have need of a ton of storage, need to avoid more delicate items, or simply have a lot of SD cards around. That makes the usage case for this item somewhat uncommon, to be sure. I see it being useful for Photographers who would like to show many people via smartphone their photos, or business people who have multi-media enhanced presentations, giving their audience some extra dimensions of interactivity through using this device. I can also see it useful on road trips if you give the kids each a tablet and load your SD card with movies, TV, and music to keep them entertained on cheap tablets, without having to watch the same thing. Finally, a person who takes lots of smartphone or tablet photos will appreciate being able to get those pictures to a backup device just a little bit sooner, even if you don't have data service.

    Overall, then, this product is indeed useful, you just simply wouldn't use it for the most common cases. For that, I have to say, a WiFi hard drive really is the best, hands down. My second choice is either a bigger amount of storage on your device or the MobileLite; it's really a tie, here, thanks to price and ergonomics. I would take the MobileLite over a cloud storage solution, though, because I would have complete control over where my data goes and who sees it.

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    • Andrew K.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    5 out of 5 eggs Very good device

    Pros: - Build quality is excellent. Good heavy plastic which doesn’t allow LEDs to bleed, supplemented with aluminum to create a sturdy casing for the device. The SD card slots and USB ports are also nice and sturdy.

    - Aesthetically pleasing. The device has a simple and pleasant color scheme coupled with clean lines and a simple shape which makes it look modern and keeps it from being an eyesore.

    - Portable. The device’s images do it an injustice by not providing anything to reference its true size against. Be sure to read under details so you’ll understand just how small this thing is. I’d say as a rough comparison it’s about the same size as your average smart phone, except for being about twice as thick.

    - Much like the device itself, the app has a nice clean look and is easy to use, it’s even kind enough to automatically find and conveniently arrange media on connected devices, if you want it to.

    - Despite what my early tests indicated, the WiFi range of the device is very good, in my tests the range was 50+ feet in my house. Outside the range was slightly less, around 35 feet.

    - The WiFi speeds of the device are also acceptable; they weren’t any slower than my phone when connected to my WiFi through normal means. My tests showed just under 1MB/s download, and about 125KB/s upload.

    - Retains all functionality even while charging.

    - A sub point to the above, you can daisy chain charging. What I mean by this is you can charge the device, and then have the device charge your phone or tablet at the same time.

    - On the subject of charging, it was able to charge my phone (LG Optimus Elite) from 60%-100% in 1 hour 45 minutes.

    - Includes two useful extras; the micro USB to USB cable, and a SD card adapter, the latter of which is only briefly mentioned and not even pictured.

    Cons: - Power button is rather poorly positioned and quite a pain to actually press. I’m sure this was done to prevent accidentally powering it on, but it makes hard to intentionally power on. A small issue, it just means I have to operate the power button with my finger nails rather than my fingers.

    - If you didn’t already have the device connected to a WiFi network and you decide to charge it, it doesn’t seem to want to connect to a network. Another fairly small issue, just make sure the device is connected to a network before charging.

    - Manual. Is. Very. Unwieldy. Imagine back to the bad old days of having to undo a paper map while driving. Booklet please, Kingston.

    Bottom Line: - When connecting the device to a WiFi network, there is no notification if you’ve entered the password incorrectly.

    - There aren’t many cons with this device, I think most of them are more missed opportunities than actual cons, so I’ll list them here.

    - A carrying case, something simple, maybe worth five dollars, but it would have been a huge advantage to have a place to stash the device, some cables, SD cards, and flash drives.

    - WiFi repeater, the device maybe quite small but I can tell just by tapping on it there is a lot of empty space inside. I think allowing the device to act as a WiFi repeater would be a useful feature that people would even go so far as to buy the device just to use it for that. Also, this occurred to me as well: you would think the device would by its nature act as a repeater, but it doesn’t because it doesn’t boost the signal, it only relays it.

    - Somewhat of a sub point to the above, the devices antenna is only about as powerful as my phone’s, which I find disappointing because of all the free space inside the device. Being able to connect to a WiFi network from farther away than the devices you’re using would certainly be nice.

    - Overall, this device does what it says it does, and does it well. The device is high quality, as you would expect from Kingston, it looks nice, works without making a fuss, and only has extremely minor cons. If you’re looking for a portable battery that can do more than just charge your devices, you could do much worse than this.

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    • Mark K.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    3 out of 5 eggs Leaves something to be desired

    Pros: Works great as a card reader/extra storage for a cell phone. Also works great as a battery backup or a card reader for a PC. Granted it's only a 1800mah battery, but when you need some extra that is great booster to have.

    Cons: The wifi part left me so frustrated I quit trying. Why? well mostly because the Android app would crash upon every time trying to set it up. I never even got to try the wifi out other than connecting to the wifi of the device itself. I couldn't tell you if you could connect it to you home wifi or not.

    Bottom Line: I bought the 3500mah battery for my Samsung Galaxy S3 which still doesn't last all day all of the time and this is the perfect addition. I can also grab photos from my Canon MarkII camera on the spot and upload them out in the field due to having this and using as an extra storage device. I'd still buy it without the Android app and wifi functionality, but you have to evaluate what you'd want out of it.

    Manufacturer Responses:

    Hello, I'm Jewel with Kingston Technical Support and would like to offer our assistance. We are here to help and can troubleshoot with you to determine the issue. Please call us at 1-800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) M - F 6am - 6pm PT and I or another available Technician will assist you. Please be sure to have the part in question on hand when you call. Thank you for selecting Kingston as your upgrade partner.

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    • Kyle L.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    4 out of 5 eggs A Very Handy Gadget

    Pros: Even though phones have great cameras in them nowadays there are still times when an actual digital camera is needed. My wife is an architect so this kind of device could be really handy for her if she wanted to share some high res photos of a project quickly or on the go. It can charge a device in an emergency. I managed to charge my iPhone5 from completely dead to around 70% and it helped juice my iPad2 up to around 50%.

    The Mobilelite Wireless device is very compact and light but still manages to feel...sturdy. It's a very solid device.

    The device is accessed through an app that is available for both iOS and Android. I tested the device with an iPhone5 and a Samsung Galaxy S3 and there is a little bit of lag starting up but the device's battery lasts quite a long time.

    I was able to connect the iPhone and the S3 at the same time and transfer files between them quickly. I had noticed there was a firmware update for the device. It was easily installed by downloading the firmware update to a usb drive, inserting it into the usb port, and then powering on the device.

    Cons: This device has no internal storage of its own and seems a little expensive for an external flash drive, though it does have an internal battery.

    Bottom Line: This device could also be useful as a network attached card reader.

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    • Michael D.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    5 out of 5 eggs

    Pros: Fast transfer rates.

    Strong wifi for its size about half the strength as most current 150$ routers, it worked from my basement while the reader was on 2nd floor (small house though).

    It can charge any USB chargeable device not just smartphones/tablets.

    The iOS app worked on my iTouch 4g just as well as iPhone (Wasn't sure originally since it only says its for smartphones and tablets and the iTouch is technically neither of those).

    Cons: Only one: It has to be powered on to charge stuff, which means it has to be using power for wireless etc even if you only want to charge something.

    These below are ONLY nitpicks not really cons, i encountered no real issues and it functioned as intended.

    From a full charge the readers 1800 mAh is only enough to charge most current gen phones up once so it essentially doubles your battery life so i think it should've had a bigger battery.

    No DCF file format support: A PC can detect and use a digital camera/iPhone/iTouch as a USB drive (in DCF file format). As for a digital camera it would've be cool if id be able to plug my digital cameras USB adapter into the reader and let me save and view the files from it (a majority of digital cameras use DCF). Also if it did support it I'd be able to plug my iTouch/iPhone into the readers USB & stay on the wireless internet while sharing files through USB at the same time but as it doesn't support DCF formatting that's not possible and i have to use the wireless connection to share files.

    Bottom Line: I was mixed on giving this 5 stars, but i gave 5 cause i encountered no problems and it does everything it is supposed to do.

    Hopefully they'll someday release one with DCF support, maybe include a multi adapter for other flash cards & maybe some internal memory.

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    • Lech B.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    4 out of 5 eggs A very interestin 3-in-1 device

    Pros: The Kingston MobileLite Wireless is essentially a wireless portable file server that can be accessed by 3 devices simultaneously, that also happens to be a portable battery backup and can be used as a card reader.

    This combination of functionality is a very interesting approach by Kingston. I have used the device for few weekends and can't stop thinking of new scenarios it could be useful. On the other hand, I didn't find myself in a situation where this device would be absolutely necessary, since all it does could be done with the gear i always have with me in the car when on a road trip.

    I used it mostly as a battery backup for my iPhone. It will charge it from approx. 15% to a full charge. I have tested the media streaming capability with 3 iOS devices streaming 3 different HD videos at the same time and it worked flawlessly. I tried that with both a USB Flash Drive and a SDHC memory card - Sandisk Extreme.

    The most probable scenario where I can see this device coming in handy is a few days long backpacking trip with no access to any computer and very limited access to electrical outlet. Then you can use the device to charge your camera/phone, free up space on your camera's memory card and maybe even use it as a wireless media hub for sharing videos, music and photos between devices.

    Note that storage media connected to MobileLite can be accessed in two ways:
    Anytime you can connect your device to WiFi network generated by the MobileLite (you will not be able to use internet connection other than wireless data).
    In home or office environment you can configure the device to connect to your Wi-Fi network, and than use iOS or Android app to access the device connected media staying connected to your Wi-Fi network (you are able to use your WiFi network intenet connection and access the device).

    Built quality is good, it's very light and looks sturdy.
    Included in the package is the device itself, short USB charging cord and a SD to microSD adapter.

    Cons: Other than I still can't find a scenario where this device would be absolutely necessary, none. It's a cool gadget. One of these "when you need it, you will be glad you have it".

    Bottom Line: NONE

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    • Mathew L.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    2 out of 5 eggs Not as good as I had hoped

    Pros: It's a nice looking device and kept my phone going for a bit longer than it normally would.

    Cons: The Android app constantly crashed on me, on every device.

    Any time more than one device connected to the MobileLite the app would crash on each device.

    When the app would crash, I would usually need to restart the MobileLite in order to be able to connect to it again.

    I was only able to get moderate reliability when using the web browser to access the MobileLite.

    Finding the IP for the MobileLite took some minor digging, since it's not noted in the instructions. I was able to get it from the app.

    The MobileLite will occasionally show up twice in the app, with different IP addresses.

    The longest the app has stayed running for me, on any of my devices, was for about 10 minutes.

    The internet passthrough option does not work well. I've only been able to access the internet with the pass through one time.

    Transfer speeds are painfully slow. It's significantly faster for me to plug into a computer and transfer files.

    There is no charger included, and only a short micro USB cable. You have to use your computer or a phone charger to charge it.

    Bottom Line: I reviewed the MobileLite with Android devices, an HTC One, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

    I used USB memory, SD cards and Micro SD cards.

    I've had the MobileLite for 2 weeks and have worked with it every day.

    Manufacturer Responses:

    Hi, I'm Jewel with Kingston Technical Support. We apologize for the issue that's occurring with the MobileLite Wireless. There is a firmware update available here: . This addresses an issue that causes the App to crash and will most likely resolve the issue you have experienced. For any further assistance, please call us at 1-800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) M - F 6am - 6pm PT and I or another available Technician will assist you. Please be sure to have the part in question on hand when you call. Thank you for selecting Kingston as your upgrade partner.

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    • Mark E.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    4 out of 5 eggs Cool Little Gadget

    Pros: This little device is a ncie elegant way to manage all sorts of media, you can use it to recharge devices over USB with its 1800 mAh battery, connect your devices wirelessly to it's usb or card slots to stream data/browse files. And in a pinch you can use this as a card reader *While it recharges the device*

    Cons: Maxes out at wireless N, would've loved to see some AC support...

    The UI could use a bit of work.

    Bottom Line: Beight that this is the first device of this kind I've tested, I thought it was quite a cool little gadget to have and makes trips away from home all the better without having to pay top dollar for a wireless hard drive, or cloud storage this device get you portable all day storage at a reasonable price, AND!!! it'll charge your dying tech... it ever doubles as a card reader.

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