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A perfect SCSI controller card for servers and high-performance workstations, the HP 374654 controller card is perfect for those looking for a simple SCSI card. The Ultra320 SCSI has one internal and one external port that will support up to 15 devices.

With 320MB/s and capability of up to 50,000 I/Os per second, this adapter is ideal for transferring high speed and high capacity data. Intended specifically for servers, the HP 374654 features a PCI-X interface which is integrated on most servers and Macintosh systems and runs at 133MHz.

HP 374654-B21 PCI-X / 133 MHz SCSI Controller Card

The HP 374654-B21 PCI-X / 133 MHz SCSI Controller Card is fully integrated and tested with HP ProLiant 100 and 300 series servers, HP DAT tape drives, Ultrium tape drives, SDLT tape drives and DAT autoloaders.

PCI-X / 133 MHz Interface

The PCI-X / 133 MHz Interface provides up to 1 GB/sec bandwidth for enhanced performance.