General InformationManufacturer: IBM CorporationManufacturer
Part Number: 01K1320Manufacturer
Website Address:
http: //www. ibm.
comBrand Name: IBM
Product Name: DLT 4000
Tape DriveMarketing Information: Back up your business mission critical data with tape drives backed by IBM. This high performing drive provides a low cost, entry level DLT offering ideally suited for mainstream server systems.
Features include: read while write data reliability and on board hardware data compression.
Product Type: Tape
DriveTechnical InformationDrive Type: DLT 4000Compressed
Storage Capacity: 40 GBNative
Storage Capacity: 20
GBRecording Method: Linear SerpentineDrive PerformanceMaximum Native Data Transfer Rate: 1.50
MB/sMaximum Compressed Data Transfer Rate: 3
MB/sStorage MediaFormats Supported: DLT 4000 (Read/Write)Interfaces/PortsDrive
Interface: SCSI
Physical CharacteristicsForm Factor:
InternalHeight: 3.4"W
idth: 5.9"D
epth: 9.6"