General InformationManufacturer: IBM CorporationManufacturer
Part Number: 10K0034Manufacturer
Website Address:
http: //www. ibm.
comBrand Name: IBM
Product Name: 1.0GB DDR SDRAM
Memory ModuleMarketing Information: Enhance your system investment by adding more IBM Memory which can help boost overall system performance and allow more multitasking which saves time and hassle. New, DDR (double data rate) memory utilizes evolutionary technology to process data at up to twice the bandwidth (2100 MB/sec) of SDRAM memory. Therefore PC2100 DIMM's run at 266MHz which has a peak bandwidth 2100 MB/sec this is twice the memory bandwidth of single data rate 133 MHz SDRAM. Data transfer rates vary and are often less than the maximum possible.
Product Type: RAM
ModuleTechnical InformationMemory Size: 1
GBMemory Technology: DDR SDRAM
Number of
Modules: 1 x 1GBMemory
Speed: 266
MHzMemory Standard: DDR266/PC2100Error
Checking: Non-parityCAS
Latency: CL 2.5P hysical CharacteristicsNumber of
Pins: 200-pinForm
Factor: SoDIMM
Thickness: 150
milWidth: 1.3"L
ength: 2.7"