General InformationManufacturer: Hewlett Packard EnterpriseManufacturer
Part Number: 0235A23PManufacturer
Website Address:
http: //www. hpe.
comBrand Name: HPE
Product Series: S3100-SIProduct
Model: S3100-26TP-EIProduct
Name: S3100-26TP-EI
Ethernet SwitchMarketing Information: H3C S3100-26TP-EI Ethernet Switch is a wire-speed Layer 2 Ethernet switching product. They are designed for the network environments that require high security and high intelligent, The S3100-EI series switches provide 10/100 Mbps downlink and 1000 Mbps uplink Ethernet ports. In enterprise networks, they can serve as access devices for 100 Mbps-to-desktop applications.
Product Type: Ethernet SwitchInterfaces/PortsTotal Number of
Network Ports: 26Port/Expansion Slot


: 24 x Fast Ethernet Network2 x Gigabit Ethernet Network2 x Gigabit Ethernet Expansion SlotMedia & PerformanceEthernet Technology: Gigabit
EthernetNetwork Technology: 10/100/1000Base-T10/100Base-TXI/O ExpansionsNumber of Total
Expansion Slots: 2Expansion
Slot Type: SFP
Shared SFP Slot: YesNumber of
SFP Slots: 2Network
& CommunicationLayer Supported: 2Management
& ProtocolsManageable: YesPower
DescriptionPower Source: Power
SupplyPhysical CharacteristicsHeight: 1.7"W
idth: 17.3"D
epth: 6.3"W
eight (Approximate): 6.61 lb