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Gaming PC Laptop Cooler ABS Alloy 4 Silent Fan Foldable Laptop Cooling Pad Support Portable Height Adjustable Notebook Stand for 11-17.3 inch

Engineering plastic alloy material, resistant to pressure and fall. Durable, triangular stable structure as support, not easy to damage

Quiet cooling. Low-noise fan, four-fan combined cooling unit, strong heat dissipation. While quiet, the wind is stronger and the cooling is faster

Quad-core wind, powerful cooling. Large-area air guide groove is the crest performance guarantee for games, drawing, and notebooks

Seven heights, freely adjustable. A stable triangular structure is formed when the bracket is supported to ensure that the computer is stable and does not sway
Double fork structure, stable support. Hard core strong support, long-term use without deformation, stable and solid use

Large area fan, high-speed air cooling. Equipped with four large fans, combined with aerodynamics, 360° no blind spot to take away heat, no stuck, no crash

Low power, high efficiency. With power as low as 0.8 watts per fan, the notebook can last for a long time

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Lightweight and foldable for easy storage. One-piece folding design, mini and compact
Compatible with multiple sizes, 11-17.3 inch devices. Universal Laptop/Tablet/Painting Board

Product name: Laptop stand radiator
Product material: PC plastic + silicone
Product color: black
Power supply mode: USB power supply
Product interface: Type-C charging
Cooling technology: air cooling
Noise level: <40db
Fan: more than 0.9m/s
Rated current: four fans: 0.6A
Input power: four fans: 3W
Product size: 190*190mm
Packing size: 307*53*114mm
Bracket weight: 180g
Double Fan - Plastic Weight: 375g
Four fans - plastic model weight: 460g
Compatibility: Suitable for various tablets, laptops, hand-painted boards (11-17.3 inches)

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