General InformationManufacturer: HP Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: 1QL48AAManufacturer
Website Address:
http: //www. hp.
comBrand Name: HPProduct
Model: 8265Product
Name: Intel 8265 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac&BT
PCIeMarketing Information: Enable smooth streaming of higher-resolution videos, fewer dropped connections, less congestion, and faster speed, further away from the router with the Intel® 8265 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac&BT PCIe. Features Improve your network connections Get speeds up to 867 Mbps and up to 3x more bandwidth per stream for more users and devices. Downlink MU-MIMO allows an access point to simultaneously transmit data to multiple clients for fast downloads and a long battery life. Turn your workstation into a hub Empower your workstation to act as both a Bluetooth® Smart Ready Hub and peripheral with Dual-mode Bluetooth® 4.2. Deploy alongside Intel® management and security Support remote management and help reduce costs and improve security and ROI with a card that is compatible with the hardware-based security and manageability features built into Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors and chipsets.
Product Type: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
Combo AdapterTechnical InformationWi-Fi Generation: Wi-Fi 5Wireless
LAN Standard: IEEE 802.11 acBluetooth
Standard: Bluetooth 4.2ISM
Band: YesUNII
Band: YesISM
Maximum Frequency: 2.40
GHzUNII Maximum Frequency: 5 GHzWireless
Transmission Speed: 867
Mbit/sInterfaces/PortsHost Interface: PCI
ExpressPhysical CharacteristicsForm Factor: Plug-in
CardMiscellaneousDevice Supported: Workstation