As part of Benro's most advanced range of photo tripods, the Mach3 TMA27A, combines classic design with advanced materials. High performance twist locks and magnesium castings make this aluminum tripod ideal for indoor or outdoor photo shoots.

Aluminum Legs
Mach 3 tripods feature aluminum leg construction making them both lightweight and sturdy.

Monopod Conversion
It is extremely simple to convert one of the Mach3 TMA27A's legs into a monopod adding even more versatility.

Spiked Feet
A set of spiked feet are included with every tripod on the Mach3 family for increased stability when shooting outdoors.

Magnesium Casting
Wherever possible Mach3 tripods employ magnesium castings, making them among some of the lightest tripods currently available.

High Performance Twist Locks
The Mach3 family of tripods utilize high performance, rubber twist locks for improved ergonomics and resistance to the elements.

Short Column
For ground level shooting a short column is included with the Mach3.

Carry Case
Benro includes both a functional dust cover and a beautiful carrying case with each Mach3 tripod.