Where high-quality audio and visual fidelity are paramount, the 5' Audio/Visual Camcorder Cable stands out as a durable and reliable solution for connecting your multimedia devices. Featuring a specialized four-conductor right-angle 3.5mm mini-male plug, this cable is designed to carry both stereo audio and video signals with exceptional clarity.

The cable's construction boasts three RCA male connectors, color-coded to ensure a straightforward setup: one for video and two for left and right audio channels. This meticulous design facilitates a seamless transfer of signals, preserving the integrity of your recordings and playback.

Compatible with an array of brands, including industry leaders like Sony, Panasonic, and JVC, this versatile cable is the perfect companion for a wide range of camcorders and other audio/visual equipment with a 3.5mm output. Whether you're connecting to a television, projector, or any device with RCA inputs, this cable ensures your content is presented with the high-quality audio and video it deserves.

Crafted with affordability in mind, this 5-foot cable offers ample length for easy device placement without compromising on signal quality. Its right-angle connector is especially useful for tight spaces, reducing strain on the cable and the device's jack for prolonged durability.

Choose the 5' Audio/Visual Camcorder Cable for a seamless bridge between your creative content and your audience, ensuring every visual detail and audio nuance is captured and conveyed with the high fidelity that your projects demand.