[Product introduction]: The PS2 TO HDMI is a high request video converter for PS2 home games, which converts the 480I, 576I, 480P and other resolution signals of the PS2 into HDMI signals without loss. At the same time, it supports PS2 audio input, HDMI audio output and AUDIO analog audio output, which is an effective prevention. There is no inconvenience caused by audio during HDMI transmission.

[Product performance]:

1. Audio and video synchronization input;

2. HDMI output supports HDTV high-definition TV or display, projector, etc;

3. Plug and play, no need to drive;

4. Support all PS2 display modes;

5. No external adapter is required, only the PS2 USB port is required to provide 5V power supply.



1. AUDIO --------- Analog audio output interface, connecting headphones or active speakers;

2. HDMI Output ---- HDMI output interface, connecting HDMI TV or monitor;

3. USB/5V Input ---- USB 5V power supply input interface, connecting PS2 USB interface;

4. PS2 Ypbpr Input -- PS2 color difference input interface, connected to PS2 machine.

[Packing list]:

PS2 to HDMI converter * 1,

USB power cable * 1,

Instructions * 1,

Color box package * 1