Portable Mini Mobile Projector and Accessory Hard Case with Internal Customizable Dense Foam
This hard shell case's exterior is made of a dense, blow-mold composite plastic for superior external protection against blunt forces, drops, dings and Impacts. Interior protection consists of a Tri-Layer arrangement of a Solid Ester Foam Layer (Bottom, 0.5"), a Dense Pick and; Pluck Foam Layer (Middle, 2.0") and a Convoluted Egg-Crate Foam Layer (Top Lid, 0.75"). With the combination of a highly durable exterior and dense foam interior, you can be sure your Portable Projector is padded and has protection.The overlapping lid-to-base system is held tightly closed by the dual sliding lock fasteners with padlock holes for added security.

Compact Travel and Storage
A built in handle provides portability and allows for your projector to easily be carried when attending meetings, school, traveling or at home. It can also be discreetly placed in your car, home or office to securely store your items. Measuring 12.0" x 9.5" x 3.5" in exterior dimensions, this case is capable of holding your Portable Mini Projector , Mini Tripod , HDMI Adapters and charging cables in separate compartments you create. The internal foam is diced so custom compartments can be created within the maximum internal dimensions of 11.0" x 7.00" x 2.2".

Unlimited Customization
The Pick and Pluck 2.0" thick middle layer of foam consists of individually pluckable dense foam cubes. This absorbs impacts from drops, but also allows your projector to be protected and separated from the accessories.

Fits Pico and Micro Portable Projector Models below , Adapters , Tripod , Cables , Adapters and Accessories

Fits AAXA models:

P700 , P5 , P4 , P4-x , P300 , P450 , P3 , P3-X , P2 , LED Android

Also Fits: Asus S1 , Brookstone , Ivation , Vivitek , Sony Pico , Philips PicoPix , Favi , Miroir and More Micro Projectors