With Storage Central you can add the capacity you need to store, share and back up your valuable digital content-music, games, photos, videos, and office documentsinstantly, easily, and securely, all with the simplicity of your
C: drive. IDE drives sold separately. Storage Central is easy to setup and install. Just slide in one or two 3.5 IDE disk drives of any capacity; connect Storage Central to any wired or wireless router or switch from any vendor, then configure with Smart Wizard install assistant. Now youre ready to access files from any PC on your network, as a simple letter drive. Storage Central automatically stores and duplicates your important digital content such as music, games, photos, and more. Storage Central ensures that no one can access your files but you and delivers the utmost privacy of your valuable data content. With Storage Central, you can expand outgrown storage volumes, and add more capacity whenever you need itinstantly and easily. Storage Central makes real-time copies of your valuable data, ensuring maximum protection against data loss. Additionally, storage can be expanded indefinitely, keeping pace with all your future storage needs. SmartSync Pro advanced backup software is included. Storage Central features True SAN technology, an advanced network storage technology. True SANs provide block-level data transfers, delivering sustained performance much faster than low-cost NAS devices.

Only NETGEAR Storage Central is True SAN, providing advanced data center technology in an affordable, easy-to-use package.
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