Crush your enemies, climb the tower of paperwork -- or do both at the same time. Available for laptops, the Intel Core i7 mobile processor delivers intelligent and scalable performance on the most demanding tasks, such as creating digital video and playing intense games.

With Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, the Core i7 enables highly threaded applications or demanding applications to work in maximum speed without any extra effort. The Intel Core i7 mobile processor is armed with Intel Turbo Boost, which provides extra strength when you need it most. Enjoy faster and smart multitasking to accelerate your productivity and inspire your digital creations at home, in the office, and when you’re on the go.

Quad-Core Processing

The Intel Core i7-840QM provides four complete execution cores in a single processor package. Four dedicated physical cores help operating systems and applications deliver additional performance, so you can experience better multitasking and multithreaded performance across many types of applications and workloads.

Integrated DDR3 Memory Controller

With the integrated DDR3 memory controller, the Intel Core i7-840QM enables two channels of DDR3 1333 MHz memory, resulting in up to 21 GB/sec memory bandwidth. Plus the memory controller's lower latency and higher memory bandwidth delivers amazing performance for data-intensive applications.

Intel Smart Cache

Intel Smart Cache Technology dynamically allocates the shared cache to each processor core based on workload. This efficient, multi-core-optimized implementation increases the probability that each core can access data from faster, more efficient cache subsystem resulting in significantly reduced latency for frequently used data and improved performance.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology

Intel Turbo Boost technology automatically allows processor cores to run faster than the base operating frequency if it's operating below power, current, and temperature specification limits, maximizing speed for demanding applications, dynamically accelerating performance to match your workload-more performance when you need it the most.

Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology)

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology delivers thread-level parallelism on each processor resulting in more efficient use of processor resources—higher processing throughput—and improved performance on the multi-threaded software of today and tomorrow.

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST)

EIST allows the system to dynamically adjust processor voltage and core frequency to decrease average power consumption and average heat production, which means of enabling very high performance while also meeting the power-conservation needs.