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SYBA SI-PEX40071 8 Internal SATA III Ports PCI-Express Card

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The SYBA SI-PEX40071 PCI-Express Controller Card is designed for businesses which require large data storage. Equipped with dual chips, it gives you an easy way to add additional eight internal SATA III ports to your computer without compromising performance. The SATA III ports offer a blazing-fast data transfer rate of 6Gbps, while remaining backwards compatible with the SATA I and SATA II specifications. This controller card supports Port Multiplier FIS Based or Command Based switching, ensuring maximum performance.

Additionally, the card has great compatibility, and features hot plug and hot swap functions. The included low-profile bracket makes installation in compact cases a breeze.

general information

Up to Eight SATA III Ports

The SYBA SI-PEX40071 adds up to eight internal SATA III ports to your computer system, allowing you to easily connect eight additional HDD/SSD drives*. And, the SATA ports are bootable.

*Note: Hangs for 20-30 seconds if no HDD/SSD is connected to the card.

High Speed

The SATA III ports deliver a blistering fast data transfer speed of up to 6Gbps, letting you transfer monstrous amounts of data in seconds. They are also backwards compatible with SATA I (1.5Gbps) and II (3Gbps) standards.

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Port Multiplier Support

Thanks to the built-in support for SATA Port Multipliers with FIS-based switching or Command Based switching, this card allows you to easily connect more HHDs/SSDs at once*.

*Note: The SYBA SI-PEX40071 PCI-E controller card supports 3TB and 4TB GPT drives. Mac OS is limited to four ports active at one time.

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Native Command Queue (NCQ) Support

This card supports Native Command Queue (NCQ), allowing hard disk drives to internally optimize the order in which received read and write commands are executed. This can reduce the amount of unnecessary drive head movement, resulting in increased performance.

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Hot Swapability

This card supports hot plug and hot swap functions. Simply plug it into your computer system, and it’s ready to work.

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Great Compatibility

The SYBA SI-PEX40071 PCI-E controller card is compliant with PCI-E specification V2.0, and backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0. For added flexibility, it’s also compatible with PCI-E x4, x8 and x16 slots.

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Low Profile Ready

With the included low-profile bracket, this card can be effortlessly installed into desktop computers of various sizes.