Scour the stars with the Parrot Airborne Cargo, an impact-resistant, customizeable minidrone that can carry building blocks, figurines, and more with its Smart Block system. Will you use it to carry goods, or perhaps confidential documents? Or maybe head off on adventures and perform secret agent missions! Compact, super fast and super light at just under 2 oz, the Parrot Airborne Cargo can reach incredible speeds of 11.18 mph: perfect for high-speed chases or aerobatic tricks. It is also one of the most stable quadcopters on the market thanks to its innovative and ultra-sophisticated gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer. Control your Parrot Airborne Cargo instantly from your smartphone or tablet with the intuitive FreeFlight Mini app. You'll become a drone master in no time pulling off high-speed turns, flips and loops thanks to easy-to-use, pre-programmed controls. You can even make your drone re-start while it's in free fall — a feature exclusive to the Airborne minidrone. Capture aerial views and drone selfies — "dronies" — with the onboard vertical mini-camera, a perfect way to look back at your flying feats.