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Save your treasured VHS tapes as DVD movies with the roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3.0 Plus suite.

Hardware installation is as easy as a snap. Just connect VHS player camcorder via RCA out to the included USB capture devices, connect the capture device to the PC's USB port, and you can capture and transfer movies to DVD, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, post to Facebook or YouTube in a few clicks.

The easy-to-use software comes with a wealth of thoughtful features and function to simplify your jobs. Create professional-level video footage with the newly added functions such as automatically splitting big home movies into small segment to fit on a single disc, reducing video noise common to old VHS tapes, stabilizing shaky home videos, improving color balance and lighting, adding transition between videos and adding rolling credits to movies. Your analog LPs and cassettes can be digitized and then enhanced with this suite. In addition, disc label can also look professional thanks to the professional-quality templates.

Digitize Your Analog Media

The roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3.0 Plus is designed to convert your VHS video tape, analog LPs and cassettes to digital format for easy editing, transporting and sharing in today's digital and network society.

Improves A/V quality

The software can stabilize shaky video, remove background noise and correct colors for better video quality.

Advanced Video Editing

Take advantage of advanced editing capability of this powerful suite to simplify your content creation. Trim and cut video clips, split and span home videos across multiple DVDs, produce Hollywood-style DVDs with navigation and professionally designed menus, add titles and scrolling credits, add transition between videos, save your work automatically without having to manually do it, all are simple, all are professional.

Convenient Music Editing

This suite can convert your analog LPs and cassettes to CDs or MP3s and brings studio-level quality with the capability of auto-adjust recording audio volume, automatically identifying tracks and adding title, artist and genre information, adding reverb and other sound effects.

Easy Sharing

You can convert video and audio files to play on most popular mobile devices including iPod, iPhone and Android devices, or upload movies to YouTube and Facebook to share with the world.