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Do you like your pizza toppings warm and bubbly? Maybe you prefer an extra crispy crust. Customize all of your pizzas, fresh or frozen, to your tastes just like a real pizzeria with the Presto Black Pizzazz pizza oven.

Just place your creation or favorite frozen pizza on the non-stick baking pan, plug in the oven, set the timers to your preferences and enjoy! This innovative oven has two independent heating elements to ensure that even the most persnickety pizza lover gets just what they want. The rotating tray guarantees that the pie cooks evenly – top and bottom. The adjustable timer is equipped with an audible alarm to let you know when your pizza is done.

Never worry about preheating your oven again. The Pizzazz pizza oven uses as much as 60% less energy than conventional ovens. Not only do you save on time, but also on your energy bills! Have your pie and eat it too with the Presto Pizzazz!

Fast and Easy

The Presto Pizzazz pizza oven cooks a frozen pizza to perfection in minutes without the need for preheating. While ordinary ovens are heating…you're eating.

Pizza Your Way

Separately controlled upper and lower heating elements ensure the toppings are bubbly and crusts are as crispy as you like.

Nonstick Baking Pan

The Presto Pizzazz pizza oven comes with a nonstick baking pan for easy release of the pizza, and effortless cleaning. Plus, the pan can be removed from the base for compact storage.

Convenient Timer

The convenient timer sends out a ring sound and shuts off the heating elements when the baking time has expired, preventing overheating.