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P-touch EDGE® PT-E550W labeling tool
with wireless connectivity and auto cutter

The full-featured labeling tool with wireless connectivity to handle bigger projects

When industry professional design the labeling tool they really want …

The P-touch EDGE® PT-E550W is the result.
It has the powerful features they want to handle bigger, more complex projects. Its wireless connectivity makes it easier than ever before to download and store data from a PC for use at the job site. And like our other EDGE® models, it's also remarkably easy to use for practically anyone, by design.

Improving jobsite accuracy and efficiency just became easier

The PT-E550W is the newest addition to our EDGE® line and our most full-featured handheld.

It offers a wireless (802.11b/g) interface for transferring data and printing directly from many popular Windows®, iOS® and Android™ mobile devices, plus a dual-blade auto cutter that helps you produce easy peel labels in strips. By preloading the templates, files and databases your crews will need at the jobsite into the PT-E550W, they can save time, minimize keystrokes, and improve accuracy.

The PT-E550W can also add a new level of flexibility to handle changes at the job site in real time for anyone now generating sheet labels for their projects. Just transfer the same exported file used for printing those labels into the PT-E550W. Then, if there's a change or replacement labels are needed, don't panic – you can simply send the data to a smartphone or tablet at the site and quickly print what's needed right there.

The PT-E550W is Ideal for handling large, complex IT projects like data centers. It produces durable, laminated labels up to 24mm wide. It combines powerful technology with advanced features and intuitive operation that help make the labeling job faster, simpler and more efficient for your entire crew – without the need to read a manual.


Smart label application keys save time

Smart label application keys offer preformatted templates for the types of labels electrical, telecom, and datacom contractors, and A/V and security system installers, use frequently.

These can help almost anyone make the right label every time, quickly and easily.


Change supplies fast with drop-in tape cassettes

The PT-E550W uses interchangeable, drop-in HGe and TZe tape cassettes that already contain all the materials required to produce durable laminated labels in the color, size or adhesive type you want. Changing label colors, sizes or adhesive types takes seconds. Just pop in the cassette you need and you're good to go.

When you make a laminated label with the PT-E550W, your text, symbols and barcodes are printed on the underside of a clear protective laminate and then bonded to the adhesive and other substrates as the label is printed. So the label that emerges is already laminated, includes an easy-peel backer, and is ready to cut, peel and apply.

The laminated labels you can produce with the PT-E550W have been engineered to stand up to harsh environments, indoors and outdoors. They can withstand temperatures from -30 degrees C to 100 degrees C, moisture, harsh UV, abrasion, grease and industrial solvents like acetone, and remain affixed and clearly readable for years.

Make bigger projects more manageable with these features

 PT-E550W Easy to Use

  1. Turn on the labeling tool, the bright large LCD display helps you see clearly what you are doing
  2. Intuitive label application keys and smart technology take the guess work out to get the right type of label for your application every time
  3. QWERTY keyboard helps you to enter data naturally like texting or sending a message
  4. Print labels from a downloaded database helps save time and helps reduce human input error.
  5. Connect wirelessly to transfer custom designed templates and popular database files or print directly from a Windows®, Mac®, iOS® or Android™ computer or mobile device
Powerful Features
  • Large backlit LCD display provides at-a-glance view of label design settings, including application icons and allows you to preview and edit label markings prior to printing.
  • Automatic smart font-sizing technology enables printing of clearly formed, readable characters on durable laminated labels up to 24mm wide – perfect for conforming to the short and long ANSI/EIA/TIA 606x identifier format.
  • Automatic dual-blade cutter helps you produce sequential or repetitive easy peel labels in strips. It can also be set to cut labels to specified lengths whether for labeling faceplates, patch panels, punch blocks or general cable runs.
  • Wireless connectivity and built-in software help you transfer files and print directly from popular Windows®, iOS® and Android™ mobile devices. This means you can use popular smartphones and tablets to transfer and store files and data from common databases, as well as custom or preformatted templates, into the PT-E550W to help minimize keystrokes and reduce errors. This capability can also provide a "safety net" for handling changes in real time on site; just send the updated files to a smartphone or tablet on site and print the replacement labels there.
  • Faster label printing speeds, coupled with automated label cutting, speeds up onsite workflow and increases installation efficiency and productivity.
  • Durable laminated labels encapsulate the print between two protective layers to ensure long-term integrity and readability. P-touch EDGE® industrial thermal printers use UL-recognized labels, and the PT-E550W is compatible with HGe and TZe tapes that offer adhesive and color choices for virtually any labeling application.
  • Heat Shrink Tube (HSe) in convenient drop in cartridges designed for the PT-E550W make switching between laminated labels and heat shrink tube easier than ever. Just swap the cartridge! Perfect when you need a smooth, lasting heat shrink identifier for narrow gage or bundled wire and cable.
  • Advanced Alpha and Numeric Serializing allows installers to quickly pre-print labels for a project by automatically incrementing a number and/or letter individually or simultaneously.