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Antennas Direct DB2e Extended Range Outdoor DTV Antenna

  • Enjoy ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and other local networks with their newly expanded programming for kid's, news, sports and more
  • Receives UHF Digital Reception resulting in Crystal Clear HDTV
  • The perfect backup in case of emergencies or bad weather
  • Range up to 45+ Miles from Broadcast Towers
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Locate the digital television Broadcast Towers serving your area by going to AntennaPoint.com and filling in your address or zip code
  • Included: Heavy Duty U-Bolt and Mounting Clamp
  • Mount and Coaxial Cable not included
  • Easy to Assemble

The DB2e UHF Antenna Provides Free Over-The-Air Digital and HDTV Reception with no Subscription, Cable or Satellite Fees.

Bowtie antennas have been popular for over 60 years. While they were designed for a different era, they offer an acceptable combination of power and size.

The DB2e utilizes the latest advancements from the Antennas Direct design lab. The breakthrough technology of the enhanced series of bowtie antennas is smaller and more powerful. While it delivers twice the power of the bowties it replaces, the DB2e also specifically targets the core UHF DTV frequencies. We have also enhanced this antenna's ability to reject interference.


At a compact 23" x 16" form, the DB2e is the first broad spectrum antenna without the performance compromises typically seen in outdated designs of legacy antennas. With a generous beam width of 60 degrees, the DB2e offers reliable reception from widely spaced broadcast towers without the need for rotation. It has a range of 45+ miles making it the ideal antenna choice for suburban installations that are challenged with receiving signals through heavy foliage or roofing materials. Using anodized aluminum, DB2e antennas are engineered for strength and durability. The Antennas Direct Lifetime Warranty assures you of its superior build quality.


Watch All Your Favorite Shows

The new DB2e bowtie delivers free HD programming from TV networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, including all their top shows.*


The Best Picture and Sound Quality

You can now experience HDTV in the highest-quality picture and sound available. Over-the-air broadcasts are transmitted in uncompressed, crystal clear 1080i - far surpassing what cable and satellite offer. Many local broadcasts are digitally aired in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, giving you the ultimate soundstage for watching live television.


The Latest in Antenna Technology

Advanced design software allows this 23" H x 16" W antenna to be smaller and more powerful than ever. No other antenna in the category can rival its compact, powerful, dual-band performance.


It's All Free and Over-the-Air

Simply connect the DB2e antenna to your TV** using a coaxial cable, perform a channel scan, and in minutes you'll be enjoying free local programming. And the best part - never pay to watch TV again!

*ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC are registered trademarks of their respective owners. ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC are not affiliated with each other, or with Antennas Direct® and do not endorse this product. All channels are subject to local broadcast availability and not all channels may be available in all locations or in HD.

**Requires a TV with a built-in digital tuner or a simple set-top converter box