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The Telehook universal projector flush mount system is designed to accommodate 90% of the projectors on the market. It comes with 4 sizes of extension brackets for a completely custom-fit of the projector to the mount. A quick-release mechanism lets you mount the plate to the ceiling, the bracket to the projector, then attach the two together.

The ceiling bracket comes with hardware to mount to wooden ceiling joists or concrete. Once you have everything mounted, it's a simple task to adjust pitch and roll for a perfectly aligned picture. What are you waiting for? It's time to get that projector up out of the way.


Pitch, Roll and Rotation Adjustable

The Atdec TH-WH-PJ-FM offers three-way adjustments including +/-20° roll, +/-40°pitch and 360°rotation for the ultimate flexibility in a wide range of applications.

Great Compatibility

The Atdec TH-WH-PJ-FM universal projector flush mount works with 90% of projectors weighing up to 15kg and comes with hardware required for installation and maintenance.