Peerless-AV AEC0203

Adjustable Extension Column

for use with Peerless-av® Display mounts,
projector mounts and ceiling plate accessories

Designed to blend in and work in almost any environment, our line of AEC adjustable columns range in lengths from 6-9" up to 10-12'. Whether it's for an office or mounted from a tall cathedral ceiling, the adjustable column supports up to 500lb, making it ideal for exhibit, retail or digital signage applications. The adjustment slot design makes for easy incremental height adjustments to find the perfect position and then securely locking it into place. The AEC column's cylinder shape conveniently offers ample internal space for cable management of multiple cords, ultimately giving a clean look to any installation.

The AEC's adjustment slot design makes for easy incremental height adjustments to perfectly place your display, and lock it into place.

Additional Features

  • 1-1/2"-11.5 NPT (38mm) aluminum column threaded on both ends
  • Height adjustment at 1" (25mm) increments
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for ease of installation and lower freight cost
  • Offers unobtrusive cable management
  • Notched adjustment design enables easy height adjustment and position locking
  • Agion® antimicrobial* finish assists in controlling the spread of infections with -AB/-AW models
Peerless-AV AEC0203

  1. EASE OF ADJUSTABILITY Simplest slot design allows for easy glide adjustment
  2. CABLE MANAGEMENT Allows added capability for routing cables

Peerless-AV AEC0203

Cable management

Peerless-AV AEC0203

Available in black, silver or white to match displays, projectors and ceiling mount surfaces


Peerless-AV AEC0203