Avenview FO8K-DP-40-MM 40 M (132 Ft) 8K@60Hz 4:4:4 HBR3 DisplayPort 1.4 cable over Fiber Optic 8K Series fiber optic, active optical cable (AOC) lets you extend DisplayPort 1.2a and 1.4 digital signal up to 100 meters (328 feet) at 8K@60Hz (7680X4320) resolution. The fiber optic cable structure allows this 8K extender to transmit at high speed over long distance. It is available in multiple lengths, from 10 meters to 100 meters (328 feet).

TheKEY_TAB FO8K-DP-40-MM 8KKEY_TAB 8K series extender is comprised of a transmitting end and a reveiving end. The transmitter is connected to a 8K source via DisplayPort connector, and converts the audio/video signal to transmit it across the fiber optic cable. The receiver then decodes the data to the connected 8K display via DisplayPort. TheKEY_TAB FO8K-DP-40-MM 8KKEY_TAB 8K will auto detect the display resolution and will adjust the output accordingly.

TheKEY_TAB FO8K-DP-40-MM 8KKEY_TAB 8K DisplayPort fiber optic extender supports DPCP (Display-Port Content Protection) andHDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). The High Bit Rate (HBR3) fiber optic cable assembly supports a data transfer rate up to 8.1Gbs.

TheKEY_TAB FO8K-DP-40-MM 8KKEY_TAB 8K series fiber optic cable extender has a hot plug detection signal that is transmitted by a 1CH multi-mode fiber. This fiber optic cable extender is perfect for extending video and audio from your PC to a display over a long distance while still being able to maintain a clear image and sound.

Avenview FO8K-DP-40-MM 40 M (132 Ft) 8K@60Hz 4:4:4 HBR3 DisplayPort 1.4 cable over Fiber Optic Features:

  • High Speed and long distance transmission by Optical fiber;

  • Compatible with Displayport standard v1.2a and 1.4;

  • HBR3 (High Bit Rate) Cable Assembly (up to 8.1 Gbs Data Rate);

  • Supports up to 8K@60Hz (7680X4320) resolution;

  • Main-link video signal / AUX data and Hot Plug Detection signal is transmitted by 1CH multi-mode fiber - DPCP & HDCP compliant( HDCP are not part of the Displayport standard);

  • MMF optical fiber /copper hybrid cable structure