1. This dummy tablet PC model is designed for iPad Air (2020. 10.9. This fake model is exactly the same in the appearance, size and weight of the real tablet PC, and pattern on the screen, but it canot work.
2. Party Pranks: Great for pranks and parties! Trick your friends and family into thinking you destroyed, damaged, or lost their tablet PC. It is so realistic looking they will not be able to tell the difference.
3. Pretend Play for Kids: Occupy your children by providing them a toy tablet PC so that they do not damage your real one.
4. In-Store Displays and Photo Shoots: Display a model tablet PC instead of real devices to your customers to avoid theft or damage. Use safely in video and photography production shoots, stunts, or media events.
5. Material: Premium ABS plastic screen to avoid glass injure, identical weight as original tablet PC, keys could be pressed but card slot could not be pulled out.
6. Compatible with Accessories and Cases: Works with standard tablet PC cases, data cables, and other accessories just like a real tablet PC. Accessorize your toy tablet PC like you would a real one.