Upgrade to Camius professional security camera recorder

4K digital video recorder for business and home security has improved IP camera recording bandwidth and includes AI detection functions, designed to work with CVBS, AHD, CVI, and TVI cameras over existing coaxial cables and power sources in addition to IP cameras!

Advanced Menu

Camius security DVR recorder offers users an advanced menu with AI features and 4K analog cameras recording at 10 frames.

Add up to 12 cameras
  • The hybrid digital video recorder accepts 8 Analog Video Channels (BNC) + 4 Channel IP (over the network)
  • Analog channels to be converted into IP. You can add up to 12 HD IP cameras to the security DVR recorder if all 8 analog channels are not in use (disabled)
Easy to add Camius IP cameras
  • IP camera recording bandwidth can be increased from 32 to 96 Mbps by disabling a single analog channel, increasing bandwidth by 8Mbps.
  • Add Camius smart wired PoE IP cameras with motion sound, AI Human&Vehicle,  Perimeter Intrusion, Line Crossing detection (SPOT828A-R, IRIS8R, BOLTX536R, IRIS528R)
  • 24/7 normal recording is enabled by default
  • Enable and schedule recording triggered with Motion, PIR
  • PIR recording can be enabled with Camius 4K outdoor spotlight cameras that come with a built-in PIR sensor, 2-way audio, siren, lights
  • Record 4K analog cameras  at 3840 x 2160
  • Add IP cameras up to 4K video resolution
  • Video tampering detection in Intelligent with Camius 4K analog cameras (FB4KAOC)
Smart Motion & Sound Detection
  • Smart Motion Detection with Camius  analog and IP cameras will trigger recording video based on sensitivity to movement. Moreover, Camius DVRs allow you to select the target between motion, vehicle, pedestrian, or vehicle & pedestrian.
  • In Intelligent mode, you can also enable Sound Detection
Perimeter Intrusion, Line Crossing detection

CAMUS 4K DVR recorders offer detection using AI analysis. It goes beyond video motion detection, allowing the user to create zones for detecting movement patterns, location, etc. You can activate one of the AI detections to get precise reports and analytics. AI Detection will trigger recording, email, or push notifications in addition to video recording in a special color and tag.


Human & Vehicle Detection

Camius hybrid DVRs support Human & Vehicle Detection in AI mode with Push notifications, short video clip on your smartphone app (Camius View), easy  events search using AI detection.


  • Email Notifications
  • Push Notification to app
  • NVR buzzer sound
  • Show a message on a screen connected to the DVR and in the DVR's web browser view

Besides the above alarms, you can enable the below actions triggered with events (Detection or Exceptions events such as No Space on Disk, Disk Error or Video Loss):

  • 30 sec to 5 min post-event recordings,
  • Recording to your cloud service (Dropbox or Google Drive)
Add Camius analog and IP cameras to the 4K security DVR for the best functionality and features
4K Analog security outdoor camera
  • Camius 4K outdoor security camera produces 8-Megapixels video 3840 x 2160
  • IP66 weatherproof rated for indoor and outdoor security camera installations (water and dust-proof)
  • An analog security camera offers a horizontal 91 degree view
  • The camera has a built-in microphone for audio listen-in and recording using the Camius Trivault4K R series DVRs over coax.

NE Item#  9SIAC5JJ361078 (FB4KAOC)

4K PoE security camera with lights, siren
  • 4K Video: 8 Megapixels (3840×2160) with full 30 frames
  • Powerful lights ( strobe or warning  mode)
  • PIR sensor
  • Built-in siren triggered by certain events: smart video motion, PIR,  Intelligent or AI detection
  • Super wide-angle 2.8 mm lens delivers a 106-degree view reducing the number of blind spots
  • 2 Way audio with a built-in mic allows the user to monitor audio, utilizing a built-in speaker to play sounds on the cameras
  • AI detection

NE Item# 9SIAC5JHSP2939 (8MP spotlight security camera with siren, 2-way audio, model name SPOT828A-R)

4K PoE dome security camera
  • 4K 8 Megapixels (3840 x 2160) video at 20 frames per second
  • 1-Way Audio with a built-in microphone to record and monitor clear audio
  • The dome camera has a fixed 2.8 mm lens providing 110 degree wide view.
  • AI detection

NE Item# 9SIAC5JH7X7860 (4K PoE dome camera, model name IRIS8R)

2K PoE IP security cameras
  • 2K 5 Megapixels (2880 x 1620) video at 30 frames per second
  • 1-Way Audio with a built-in microphone to record and monitor clear audio
  • The bullet camera has a fixed 3.6mm lens providing 91 degrees horizontal field of view and the dome camera comes with 2.8 mm lens providing 110 degree wide view.
  • AI detection

NE Item# 9SIAC5JJHK4793 (5MP PoE bullet camera, model name BOLTX536R)

NE Item# 9SIAC5JJ1K9305 (5MP PoE dome camera, model name IRIS528R)

Compatible with Analog and IP cameras

4K Professional DVR recorder works not only with old low-resolution CVBS cameras but with the latest High definition wired analog AHD, CVI, and TVI cameras up to 8MP over coax. in Addition you can add 8 IP cameras over network. And even more, analog channels can be easily converted to IP so you can have all 24 channels as IP if no analog cameras are used with the DVR.

4K Live View and Recording up to 12 HD cameras

Camius 4K 8 Channel DVR comes with 3 video outputs to add a monitor or HD TV for live view

  • 1 x HDMI output which supports 4K video 3840x2160
  • 1 x VGA output that supports 1080P video (1920x1080)
  • 1 x CVBS (or BNC) for Spot-out monitor to call out certain camera
Local Storage

The 4K Professional Security DVR for security cameras fits 1 internal SATA hard drive with a capacity of up to 10TB each including 2.5" SSD

Privacy & Security

Solutions oriented customer and tech support 9 am to 5pm Pacific M-F. Register your product and submit a support request on Camius site.

Camius 4K Security DVR recorder is NDAA compliant and installed at a wide range of home and business locations such as retail, education, medical establishments, etc.