Designed for High Performance Computing (HPC), data center and other computing- and memory-intensive application, the HP ProLiant DL160 G6 combines performance, quality and flexible deployment in a space-efficient 1U form factor. This economical, ultradense rack server comes equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processor and up to 192 GB of memory support to deal with your current needs and get ready for tomorrow's requirements, making it suitable for SMBs, growing businesses, corporate scale-out deployments. Complete with first class reliability, stability and manageability, the HP ProLiant DL160 G6 is not only a productive tool but a dependable partner you can rely on even when facing the most challenging tasks.

Improved performance

Expandable performance through the latest industry standard technologies maximizes processing throughput and dependability at a low cost. The Intel Xeon L5630 quad-core, eight-thread processor and 4GB DDR3 memory deliver exceptional computing power to address various applications such as High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, web serving, date center and more. The Now offering 18 DIMM slots and high-performance DDR3 memory, providing increased bandwidth for high uptime and performance.

Ease of use/simple deployment

The ProLiant DL160 G6 Server’s easy-access chassis and internal component labels facilitate fast and simple maintenance, in-rack serviceability, and expansion. The ProLiant server’s rack-optimized 1U form factor facilitates fast deployment and efficient management of large-scale cluster and grid solutions. It comes with an easy setup CD that enables quick installation and deployment.

Energy-efficiency leadership

Striking a balance between enhanced productivity and rising energy costs can be challenging. It may seem like it is a choice between paying soaring power bills, increasing profits, or rising prices. A better option is to choose energy-efficient products. The HP ProLiant series reduces power consumption without compromising performance. ProLiant servers satisfy the energy-saving criteria defined by Climate Savers Computing Gold, 80 PLUS Gold. Right-sized ProLiant power supplies meet the exact needs, reclaiming lost data center power. Less oversubscription means more capacity opportunity. Be sure to use the HP Power Calculator for selecting the right size power supply. ProLiant G6 systems can tell when power is being wasted and compensate for it. Smart Sensors throughout the server allow intelligent actions to preserve, protect and enhance performance and power savings.