Are you installing light fixtures with extended life expectations? Intermatic s electronic photocontrols are designed to match the long life of new led lighting fixtures with a 10 to 20 year service life expectancy. This allows full realization of both the cost savings and benefits of maintenance free lighting installations. The EK4136S fix mount electronic photocontrol by Intermatic has been designed, tested and warrantied for long life. It has improved on/off switching with high quality relays and employs electronic components exclusively selected to meet extended life targets. Products are tested to full on/off lifecycles under tungsten, magnetic and electronic ballast/left driver loads.

Testing is done per NEMA 410 to ensure compatibility with today s array of electronic ballasts and LED drivers. The Intermatic brand assures you of peace of mind and trouble free implementation. It has enhanced surge protection with 255J and 510J move components. It meets or exceeds ANSI C 136.10 /C 136.24 and UL/CSA requirements. 105 305 VAC, 1000W tungsten, 1800 VA magnetic ballast, 6 AMP electronic ballast, 1.5 fc turn on level, off/on
ratio 1.5: 1, fail
mode: on, 6 inch wire length.