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USRobotics 56k USB Modem - Portable Dial-Up Capabilities.

Delivers the performance and reliability USRobotics is known for in a compact, cost effective form factor.

- Compatible: Windows.
- Form factor: Desktop.
- Host interface: USB.
- Modem transmission data rate: 56 Kbps.
- Modulation: ITU T V.92, ITU T V.90, ITU T V.34, ITU T V.32, ITU T V.32bis.
- Number of phone line: 1.
- Uses the CPU of the host computer for high compression throughput due to direct parallel access.
- Features include ring detection and qualification eliminating unintended wake on ring events due to activity on the phone line other than ringing.
- Certifications and standards: FCC, IC, UL/CUL, CE.
- Platform supported: PC.
- Includes: 56K USB softmodem, phone cord.
- Dimensions: 0.8"(H) x 1.2"(W) x 3.1"(D).

In some situations, dial-up connections are unavoidable. This USRobotics 56k USB modem will get you connected. It is a software-based modem, and it works with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Its 56k speed is the fastest possible dial-up connection, and the USB interface makes setup as easy as possible. It can also interact with sophisticated computer software, allowing you to send and receive faxes while running other applications.


- Sold as 1 Each.