This incredibly versatile product supports up to 26" monitors with a maximum individual weight of 22.1 lbs. Not only will this strong and sturdy mount have no trouble holding your industry standard 75x75 or 100x100 mount pattern monitors, (fitting the above criteria), it is also extremely adjustable! Each monitor can be placed at a different height to accommodate different sized monitors.

Compatibility: LCD/LED Monitors.
Country of Origin: Taiwan.
Device Supported: Flat Panel Display.
Sold as 1 Each.

The monitor has 360 a degrees rotation, meaning landscape, portrait, or anything in-between. Tilt and Swivel and Rotation is provided in 5 places ensuring maximum adjustability: Swivel in the hinge: +/- 90a degrees Tilt in the hinge: +90a degrees /-20a degrees Tilt in the arm: +65a degrees /-30a degrees Rotation about the pole and main arm: 360a degrees Height adjustable, with a maximum height of 19.63" (from the desk to the center of the mounting device)Extendable with a max horizontal extension of 24.4" from the rear edgeBenefits of Clamp Mounting: Clamp Bases are an excellent mounting option! They are screwed onto the edge of a desk for maximum space. (Clamp bases require a lip on the desk 8-50 mm thick and 85 mm deep)They are the sturdiest mount of the three kinds (stand, clamp and grommet)They take up the least amount of desk space (So much more room for activities!)