Alphacool?s icicle connector series is the high end version of the tried and tested connectors! All the requirements placed on a connection are fulfilled here: high flow, shape, processing and coloring. Uncompromising in development and manufacturing have made the icicles what they are. In brilliant chrome and matte deep black are two versions available that fit perfectly into any system. With special processes, the coatings are firmly bonded to the substrate, the longevity of the intense colors is thus given and a chipping of the coating is prevented. Each connection has now also the Alphacool logo which makes it unmistakable beside its special form! Due to the beveled edges of the union nut, the O-ring is pressed very hard against the HardTube, which makes it even more rigid than in its predecessors. This ensures greater safety during transportation.
Design: 45 ? screw-on sleeve 16mm Plexi brass pipes. This connection is suitable on both sides for 16mm Plexi or brass pipes. In the center, this connector is 45 ? angled to prevent complicated hose paths.

Model: 17403