Heatshrink is primarily used in the PC modding community to secure and neaten up the crimped ends of custom cables. It has a myriad of different uses both electrical and otherwise. We here at ModMyMods offer a high quality polyolefin shrink that is competitively priced. While the 3:1 shrink ratio indicates the tube will reduce its diameter by one third, the length will only decrease by less than five percent. Available in a verity of sizes and colors; ModMyMods heatshrink will add the perfect finishing touch to your next set of custom cables!

  • Shrink ratio 3:1

  • Shrink temperature 90 °c

  • Maximum temperature 125°c

  • Longitudinal Change <5%

  • Un-flattened diameter .5000 in

  • RoHS Compliant

  • UL224 (Standard)

  • 600V Potential Rating

Sold by the foot. Size listed is prior to shrinking.