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With the Alphacool XPX Aurora Pro Eisblock, Alphacool offers a CPU water cooler specially designed for processors with particularly large processor cores. These currently include the AMD Threadripper models and processors from Intel for the LGA 2066 socket and the LGA 3647 server socket in narrow ILM design. As a CPU cooler from the Aurora Design line, the CPU cooler naturally offers integrated digital aRGB lighting.

Extremely Powerful
The cooler base has been specially optimized for the large processor cores. With an area of 42 x 58.6 mm and 147 cooling fins the cooling area has been significantly increased. As a comparison, an Alphacool XPX Aurora Eisblock has 81 cooling fins to completely cover the processor core of a normal CPU. Both coolers use the same fin type with a thickness of only 0.2 mm. This clearly shows how far Alphacool has gone to offer the best possible performance. The entire cooler base is of course made of nickel-plated copper and not aluminium. This is due to the increased thermal conductivity of copper. It is almost twice as high as that of aluminium.

How Is The CPU Cooler Illuminated?