Are you tired of spending ridiculous amounts of your hard-earned money on what is essentially fancy water from the other side of the world?

Fear not, brave person who likes the same things we do; for we here at ModMyMods are prepared to champion forth a new product at the peak of freshness, just for your strange predilections.

All of our ModWater coolants are 100% made in the greatest country on earth, the United States.

ModWater – Ultra Pure is exactly what its name suggests, a reverse osmosis purified, de-Ionized, low conductivity water that can be used in a variety of settings.

Our ModWater – Ultra Pure has an electrical conductivity mark of less than 0.05μS or approx. 0.05 PPM at source.

Not ready to use it all at once? Don’t worry! ModWater - Ultra Pure has a 2-year shelf life!

ModWater - Ultra Pureis of course perfect for PC water-cooling but can also be used for:

- Lead Acid Batteries

- Automotive Cooling Systems

- Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums

- Hydroponics

- Laser Cutting

- Laboratory Testing

The next time you need pure water for your project, accept nothing but the best.

Choose ModWater Ultra-Pure by ModMyMods!

Warning: This Water is NOT for consumption!

Please refer to Material & Safety Data Sheet for more information.