The Ice Station DC-LT Solo TopThe Enterprise Solutions series is an extremely compact pump top and, together with the DC-LT pump, is very powerful. It plays its strengths wherever there is little space or a pump should be stored to save space. Compatible is the top with the DC-LT pump series and is also well suited for small water cooling systems. It even fits in 1U server racks. If the upper aluminum plate is removed, the top can also be extended by a surge tank. Under the plate is also an insert for bubble-down filter, which minimizes the suction of air bubbles.

With the AGB combination, the pump top of the ice station corresponds to 40 DC LT series. The assembly is also very practical and versatile, so the accessories also include a Velcro mat, with the top can be fixed anywhere in the housing. The velcro mat adheres very well and gives a secure hold. Those who prefer to use mounting feet can order them separately and install the ice station at a 30 degree or 90 degree angle. To install the pump, remove the bottom plate and insert the O-ring. Then the pump is screwed down and the plate attached again.

So the pump is completely covered by the top and protected from all sides. The Ice Station 40 DC-LT The Enterprise Solutions series is similar to the Solo Top and is therefore also extremely compact. But she brings the equalizer already with you. It also fits into 1U server racks, but can also be mounted directly on a radiator. Together Solo Top and Terms are only 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and 4.1 inches high. Therefore, it fits itself to a 40 mm Alphacool X-Flow NexXxoS Radiator. Despite their size, however, just under 29 ml of coolant fit into the container.

But as it is connected directly to a radiator, the ice station acts as extended AGB. As with the Solo Top, the filter prevents air bubbles from coming to the pump. The enclosed double nipple allows the station to be connected directly to one of the four G1 / 4 "threads on the side or front of the radiator. The ice station, including a NexXxoS 40 mm X-Flow radiator, fits easily into a 1U server enclosure. The installation of the pump is identical to the above Solo Top. The ice station 80 DC-LT The Enterprise Solutions series, on the other hand, even fits 2U server racks, depending on the installation variant.

The entire ice station is made of acetal, making it extremely durable and durable. As with the Solo Top, a velcro mat is included, with which the ice station can be fixed to any position without losing its compact design. Unlike the other ice station, mounting feet are included, with which the height can be adjusted. An assembly in 30 degrees or 90 degrees angle is possible. The volume can be reduced by the included decoupling feet. The installation of the pump is the same as with the other two articles.

Only the filling is easier, because through the 25mm large filling opening, easy spray bottles or funnels can be used. If the pump top is used together with the AGB, the inlet is located on the side of the AGB and the outlet on the side of the pump top. If IN and OUT are to run in a certain direction, the expansion tank can also be disassembled and rotated to any position. If the GTC is not used, there is an additional input on the opposite side of the OUT.

Installation Manual