The EPDM tube from Alphacool's Enterprise Solutions series is characterised by its high resistance to acids, alkalis and external influences and has exceptional longevity compared to conventional PVC tubes. The matt black hose with its discreet velvet look will quickly become an eye-catcher in any water-cooled PC. What is the advantage of EPDM? Compared to commercially available PVC tubing, the EPDM tube from Alphacool is significantly more temperature resistant and enables working temperatures far above 100 C. Even at higher water temperatures, the EPDM Tube remains dimensionally stable and prevents the hose from warping at points with tighter bending radii or connections.

The risk of the water loop leaking or the water flow being obstructed is thus eliminated. The high resistance to external influences makes the Alphacool EPDM tube extremely durable and long-lasting. MountingThe Alphacool EPDM tube is slightly more dimensionally stable compared to a PVC tube. Nevertheless, it has an excellent pliability as well as flexibility for an effortless assembly even with tighter bending radii. FittingsThe EPDM tube can be used with all tube fittings (in the appropriate size) from the Alphacool Eiszapfen or HF series. Technical data Length 1m Material tube Ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM, without talc) Color matt black Tube size ÿ outside 13 mm / ÿ inside 10 mm (tolerances according to DIN ISO 33-02-1 E1) Hardness grade 80 ( 5) Shore A Working temperature -35 C bis +120
C Download Datasheet PDF: Alphacool EPDM Tube 13/10 Black 3m (9, 84ft) Retailbox