New Replacement BN59-01241A BN5901241A Remote Control for Samsung Smart LED 4K
UHD TV Featuer:
Model: BN59-01241A The remote is IR Remote, Not Bluetooth Version and NO Voice Command!! No need setup, just insert new alkaline batteries to work well! The remote compatible with below
Samsung TV Models: HG32NE478BFXZA QN55Q7FAMFXZA UN40KU7000F UN40KU7000FXZA UN43KU7000F UN43KU7000FXZA UN43KU7500F UN43KU7500FXZA UN49KS800DFXZA UN49KS850DFXZA UN49KU7000F UN49KU7000FXZA UN49KU7500F UN49KU7500FXZA UN55K625DAF UN55K625DAFXZA UN55KS800D UN55KS800DFXZA UN55KS850D UN55KS850DF UN55KS850DFXZA UN55KS9500F UN55KS9500FXZA UN55KS950D UN55KS950DF UN55KS950DFXZA UN55KU6290FX UN55KU7000F UN55KU7000FXZA UN55KU700DFXZA UN55KU7500F UN55KU7500FXZA UN55KU750D UN55KU750DF UN55KU750DFXZA UN55MU8500FXZA UN60KS800DFXZA UN65KS800D UN65KS800DFXZ UN65KS800DFXZA UN65KS800FXZA UN65KS850D UN65KS850DF UN65KS850DFXZA UN65KS900DFXZA UN65KS9500F UN65KS9500FXZA UN65KS950D UN65KS950DF UN65KS950DFXZA UN65KS9800F UN65KS9800FXZA UN65KU7000F UN65KU7000FXZA UN65KU700DFXZA UN65KU7500F UN65KU7500FXZA UN65KU750DFXZA UN65KU7850DFXZA UN65MU8500FXZA UN75KS900DFXZA UN75KS98000F UN75KS9800F UN75KS9800FXZA UN78KS9500FXZA UN78KS9800 UN78KS9800FXZA UN78KU7500F UN78KU7500FXZA UN78KU750D UN78KU750DFXZA UN88KS9800 UN88KS9800FXZA UN88KS9810F UN88KS9810FXZA UNKS9800 UNKS9800FXZA BN59-01259E BN59-01260A BN59-01266A BN59-01241A BN59-01265A
Package Content: 1 x BN59-01241A Replacement of Samsung Remote Control