General InformationManufacturer: Dell-IMSourcing DSManufacturer
Part Number: UN939Manufacturer
Website Address:
http: //www. imsourcing.
comBrand Name: Dell-IMSourcing
DSProduct Name: SAS PCI-Express Controller Card for Select Dell PowerEdge /
PowerVault ServerMarketing Information: Controller card is a piece of hardware that acts as an interface between the motherboard and other components of the computer. Most computers have all the necessary controllers built in the motherboard. However, if you add additional components such as a SCSI hard drive, you may need to add a controller card as well. Controller cards are typically installed in one of the computer's PCI slots. It is important that you know the component for which you are buying the controller card. The controller card type attribute in the tech specs section tells you the utility of the controller card listed here. You also need to know the interface type of your computer to determine the compatibility of the card with your system.
Product Type: SAS
ControllerTechnical InformationHost Interface: PCI
ExpressPhysical CharacteristicsForm Factor: Plug-in Card