Tripp Lite's Professional Isobar Flat Panel Power Conditioning Center (Model #AV2FP) for Digital Displays provides ultimate protection (5100 joules) to stop damaging surges/spikes. It filters disruptive EMI/RFI line noise so Digital Displays perform to their full capability! You can see and hear the difference: sharper, crisper deeper, video; helps maintain longer component life spans. Perfect for flat-panel digital displays, Front-screen projection systems and more. High Definition bi-directional 2.2 GHz (gold) coaxial protects against surges /spikes from coming in on the coax input. This Power Conditioning Center features Network/Ethernet protection with RJ45 to cover all 8 pins (especially useful for matrix switchers and streaming Internet content) and premium Isobar surge protection technology. It is designed with a low-profile all-metal housing that installs neatly behind flat-panel displays. It includes 3 diagnostic LEDs to report conditions, 2 AC outlets, circuit breaker, fail-safe thermal fusing, audible alarm, built-in mounting bracket, and detachable 10-ft. and 18-in. power cords with right-angle plugs.
FEATURES: 1-line High Definition bi-directional 2.2 GHz (gold) coaxial surge protection HD-enhanced bandwidth. 1-Network/Ethernet protection with RJ45 covers all 8 pins for matrix switchers and streaming Internet content. 2 surge / spike protected outlets. 5100 joule surge suppression rating with EMI/RFI line noise filtering. (sharper, crisper video; helps maintain longer component life). ISOBAR Technology filters disruptive EMI/RFI line noise. Built-in mounting bracket facilitates installation behind any Digital Display. Fail-safe thermal fusing acts as an additional circuit breaker, shutting down the unit and connected equipment in the event of a catastrophic surge. Audible alarm alerts you to damaged protection circuitry.
CONTENTS: Power Conditioning Center, Detachable 10-ft. and 18-in power cords, Built-in mounting hardware, Instruction manual.