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Keyboard Specifications:
Model: ZERO3108
Color: White
Connector: Detachable USB
Type C Size: 440x140x41mm
Weight: 1200g
Buttons: 108 keys
Key Caps: 85% PBT Macro Settings Manual www. akkogear. com/files/Akkox
Ducky_Zero_3108_PBTside_manual. pdf English manual starts from page 13.
Macro Setting: For example, how to set the "A" as "123"?
Step 1: Long press Fn + left win key to enter macro setting layer.
Step 2: Press Fn + Esc to enter the macro mode. In this mode, long press Fn + A key can delete the A key definition.
Step 3: Press Fn + A key to start to define the A key.
Step 4: Enter the 123
Step 5: Press Fn + A key to finish the record.
Step 6: Press Fn + Esc again to exit the macro mode.
Note: The macro key only can work in the macro setting layer, long press Fn + left win key can enter the macro setting layer, long press again can exit this mode. Esc/Fn/left Win key can not be defined.
Package Content:
1* Keyboard 1* Dustproof Cover 1* Keypuller