Product Description: The Originality of design style, with new environmentally friendly materials, oversized Satisfy perfect ergonomic design to better protect your wrist, slim and high-end pink color, high user experience and product quality has always been our constant request, any questions about products, we will be the first time for you to solve.
System Support: Windows / Linux/unix
Keyboard Specification:
Color: Pink
Connector: USB
Wired Buttons: 87 keys
Material: Anodized
Aluminum Switch: Cherry MX Switch
Weight (product): approx. 911 g
Total weight (with packaging): approx.
2484 g Dimensions:
Keyboard: approx. 351x145x44.
mm Packaging: approx. 480x225x85. mm Cable Length approx.
1.50 m Warranty: 2 years
Delivery Volume: • CHERRY MX Board 8.0 • Operating instructions in hard copy • Metallic case