iView IVIEW-3500STBIII Highlights

  • Converts digital broadcast signals to work with analog TV

  • No antenna needed

  • ATSC/QAM Tuner

  • Analog Passthrough Channel

  • TV Recording Function (External Drive required)

  • Universal Media Player (External Drive required)

  • Supports Auto-Tuning, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Favorite Channel List, Closed Caption, Parental Control, Channel Management, and Multilingual Support

  • Component Output

  • 8.66 × 6.02 × 1.77 inches

  • 1.1 lb

  • Includes IVIEW-3500STBIII and a Learning Remote


Advantages of the iView Converter Box

Enjoy the following benefits when you get the high quality iView 3500STBIII:

  • Automatically converts digital signal to analog

  • Can pull in a lot more channels than other converter boxes

  • Enables you to record your favorite shows

  • Better sound quality and picture clarity

  • Multiple outputs for maximum versatility

How It Works

The iView 3500STBIII is pound for pound better than any current cable converter box out there. The tuner box works by acquiring digital channels coming from ATSC, Over-the-Air or ClearQAM, or unencrypted digital cable transmission. The HD content that comes out allows users to receive digital cable without ever needing a set-top box.

Cable companies are adamant about the fact that you will need a set-top receiver in order to pick up digital channels, which is false. The truth is, you can access all digital cable channels that are running through QAM frequencies with a converter like the iView 3500STBIII, with the exception of NTSC frequencies.

Product Features

From Analog to Digital

The iView Digital Converter box automatically converts the signal to be compatible with your analog unit. Analog TV owners won't need to get themselves a new TV if they don't want to. The tuner box comes in with input holes for both analog and newer-type TVs.

The iView 3500STBIII has a built-in QAM tuner and supports Over-the-Air (OTA), which allows the user to receive some unencrypted digital cable channels, also known as "in-the-clear" channels. You can finally watch TV without needing additional set-top boxes or a monthly cable subscription.

Our iView 3500STBIII has passthrough capabilities via firmware to access analog channels in countries and areas where analog signals are still present. You can rely on the iView 3500STBIII to acquire the transmission and play it directly to your television set. Analog channels will still be accessible due to our converter boxes' pass-through capability. Broadcasting is still alive and well, even in your old TV.

OTA (Over-the-Air)

The iView Digital Box works great in OTA. Once plugged in, the 3500STBIII gives you a wider range of channels you can view, with noticeably higher picture clarity. With a very simple set up, just take the converter out of the box and you're ready to go.

Connect your TV via the RCA, YPbPr or HDMI port. The TV set is then programmed to receive the local ATSC signal. Do a quick search to immediately display the channels that are available.

QAM Capability

QAM tuners come built in on some TVs in order to receive cable channels, but analog TVs typically don't have them. The iView 3500STBIII comes with QAM, or Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, capability, a format that most cable TV companies use to transmit and encode their signals.