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Total Length: About 25cm.
support for DisplayPort signal to HDMI signal conversion;.
20 pin DisplayPort interface.
support for 8-bit and 10-bit color depth.
support for up to 10.8G bps of video bandwidth.
support bi-directional auxiliary channel 1Mbps.
supports uni-directional, single-channel, four-wire connection.
support for HD audio conversion.
1080P 15meters distance transmission.
built-in chip, no external power supply.
In strict accordance with the DisplayPort standard, ports with fastener design, stable and reliable signal transmission.
DP interface adopts buckle design, making connection more stable

1. Internal circuit design can only achieve one-way DisplayPort to HDMI converter.
2. Displayport interface has a fixed hook design, required during the swap process press the button fixing hook to pull out.
3. Audio output depending on whether the computer DP output support audio output, most Graphics cards DP port support audio output, but some Graphics not support audio.

Package include:
1*1080p dp to hdmi adapter